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Jul. 28th, 2018 12:24 am
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Hello, if you're reading this!

My name is Savanna, and welcome to my journal. I'm a 19-year-old aroace girl. I’m also a Hufflepuff, Horned Serpent, Capulet, Tremere, and Targaryen. Sometimes I write fic and/or meta, and on even rarer occasions I rp. If anyone wants to talk, I'm probably more intimidated by you than you are by me, so feel free! Also I don't care if you hate my ships but this journal is a discourse-free zone and I'd like to keep it that way.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my journal! sorry in advance for how much I post about r&j if you're not into that

Other Accounts: [tumblr.com profile] capuleti [archiveofourown.org profile] rosalinecapulet [twitter.com profile] anna3mber [deviantart.com profile] rosalinecapulet and also my discord is rosalinecapulet#0139

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I saw that goddamn Harry Styles book in walmart today and it's like twice as long as I expected? tbh I almost got it and fulfilled my destiny of becoming a bargain brand Jenny Nicholson but it's $15 so my cheapskate side overruled my trainwreck syndrome
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 has anyone actually tried to make a Thing out of the fact that the guard who abuses Harley in Suicide Squad has the same surname as Jonathan Crane’s main bully from his Batman Annual origin? If not (and lbr, probably also if so) then I might have to try
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On today’s episode of “reasons I unofficially left the tumblr rp community,” I just found a blog entirely dedicated to telling people that their fc is problematic and I’m really really not surprised that it exists but tbh thanks @ them for reminding me that it’s just a microcosm of a site where I already hate engaging with people who aren’t my fandom friends (but with all the annoying stuff about this subculture piled on top) 
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Posting this here because tumblr keeps screwing up my links.

This is my current outline for my RetJ translation project. I’ve linked to the ones I’ve already done. The songs are listed here in the order I would use in my hypothetical English production. I’ll come back and add to this post every time I finish a new song.

There are some songs that I removed from my to-do list because I don’t plan to include them in my hypothetical production (the biggest omissions are Et Voila Qu'elle Aime, Avoir Une Fille, Sans Elle, Par Amour, and J'sais Plus), and a couple of songs on here are ones that I completed a while ago but probably wouldn’t actually use (namely Tybalt, La Folie, and Je Reve).

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I rewatched this movie for the first time in a couple years instead of doing homework, and decided to share the results with yall. It’s a pretty even mix of unironic enjoyment (Dracula, Anton, Esmeralda), ironic enjoyment (ex. Rubina and Sapphira’s dialogue), and hate (Mario in general). If you're ever interested in watching this movie, here's a youtube upload that's somehow managed to survive despite the amount of nudity.

However, before we start I must ask you to heed my trigger warning because this movie contains scenes of rape and incest (and in general the number of sex scenes might put some people off).

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 hey so...I'm alive, if yall were wondering. I've been gone because I haven't had the brainpower for any writing/comment responding thanks to illness and school, but I just thought I'd drop in :)
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 To expand on the thought from this post, I guess it could be argued that an alternative ship to Kylux could be Kylo/Phasma, especially since the part of the fandom that objects so strongly to Kylux on the grounds of "they're fascists!!1!" doesn't seem to take the same issue with Phasma (or Anakin, for that matter, but that's its own rant). BUT the thing is that Phasma has even less of an established dynamic with Kylo than Hux does (which is frankly impressive tbh)

The only other Kylo ship that I could maybe see myself getting into is Darkpilot, since Poe's sass is always an enjoyable ingredient to any ship. I'm also hesitantly curious about Reylo, but mostly just as a spite-ship in response to all the pushback.
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 one of the strangest things about the shift from tumblr to dw is that when i make a post in all lowercase on here, it feels wrong, but on tumblr it feels wrong to make a post with proper capitalization
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I did some experimenting with r&j family trees for a fic project I’ve been planning, and I decided to post the results just for the fun of it (with annotations!) I used the Italian translations’ names for the canon characters because I didn’t want them to stick out as much next to my ocs (also, there are some Italian spellings that I prefer over the English, like Mercuzio and Giulietta). If I didn’t explain the origins of a name, odds are it was chosen just because I liked the way it sounded

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Here are some of my names for the ocs I've made based on dancers in various productions of retj (with visual aids!)

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ok so yknow all those posts with the theory that valentine in romeo and juliet is the valentine from two gentlemen of verona? i have something similar to propose: in all’s well that ends well, the widow and diana both have the surname “capilet” so what if they’re somehow related to the capulets we see in romeo and juliet?
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Marketability aside, I think one reason we keep getting such a disproportionate amount of Batman media is because in general, and especially compared to Superman/Wonder Woman/Aquaman/etc, Batman’s mythos is very low-concept. Sure, occasionally you have some good old fashioned comic book nonsense like Poison Ivy or Ra’s al Ghul. But the most prominent villains-people like Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, Scarecrow, and Penguin-are basically just regular criminals with flashy outfits and elaborate ways of doing their crimes.

This is not to say that Batman is better than the other heroes, just a lot easier to adapt (especially for the Christopher Nolans of the world who want to do ~realistic~ comic book adaptations)
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one side effect of the Hungarian version taking out the red vs blue thing is that now my brain tries even harder to interpret the colors that did make their way in there. So far, I’ve observed that:






Lady Capulet=gold

Lady Montague =blue
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one thing that’s always been really weird to me is that the Joker is based on a preexisting live-action character but none of the live-action jokers have tried to recreate Conrad Veidt’s makeup (Jack Nicholson is imo probably the closest but even then they were somewhat limited in what they could do with him bc Nicholson is allergic to spirit gum)
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concept: when Loki and Angrboda were naming their first daughter, he distantly recalled a great female warrior and conqueror he’d read about from texts buried deep in Odin’s library. So they named the girl Hela.
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hey so I made a tentative dialogue/song-only libretto for my hypothetical English RetJ if anyone’s interested

a couple notes:

  • I used French (and sometimes Hungarian) to fill in for songs I haven’t translated yet
  • La Muette is in there even if the dialogue doesn’t seem like it
  • Rosalina is the name for Romeo’s former girlfriend in the Russian/Austrian versions (who also gets some of Hungarian Rosa’s dialogue)
  • Helena is the name I gave to Tybalt’s girlfriend
  • Sabrina is the name I gave to the fortune teller from the revival
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one thing I really love about the RetJ pairs of Lukas Perman/Marjan Shaki and Cyril Niccolai/Candice Parise (that was likely unintentional) is that Romeo and Juliet look more like members each other’s families than their own (ie. blonde Romeo and black-haired Juliet)
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Ok so fair warning this is gonna have no organization and will also be full of run on sentences. Also keep in mind that these statements only apply to my very specific (and probably very canon divergent) version of Verona.

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